Sunday, February 17, 2008

CD Review: B-Movie Rats - Radio Suicide

Their name is as forgettable as their tracks. And what are they trying to say anyway; that they like bad movies as much as they like bad music? To say that the B-Movie Rats make bad music wouldn’t be entirely fair, it’s just that their tunes lack a polished production and it’s devoid of any originality (they even were so inspired by their muse that they decided to name their fan club the B-Movie Rats Army, which is, in case you didn’t know, very similar to the name of KISS’ fan club). Having said that, the band serves up enough grind-worthy juice to be a staple in any sticky-floored tavern in America.

On their website, the B-Movie Rats claim that they want to put the "Rock" back in Rock ‘n’ Roll, but they only manage to pass a gallstone on their new release, Radio Suicide. Despite numerous comparisons to old-school hitters like AC/DC, KISS, Aerosmith, and even punk pioneers MC5, there’s an overwhelming sensation that you’re listening to throw-away tracks or demos from The Black Crowes, The Datsuns, Jet, or even Buckcherry. B-Movie Rats don’t even attempt to disguise blatant influences, as their track “Cold After Dark” sounds an awful lot like the Crowes’ “Seeing Things.”

If you're looking for gritty snot-nosed rock, do yourself a favor: opt for the bands that influenced the B-Movie Rats or some of the newer versions of classic rock, such as Wolfmother, Buckcherry, New Wave Hookers, or Witchcraft and take a rain check on B-Movie Rats.